The Kid On The Mountain

Sheet music, chords and notes for The Kid on the Mountain slip jig. The Kid on the Mountain is a popular Irish session tune. It is a bit more work to learn to play it by heart compared to other tunes, since it consists of five sections compared to two or three sections you’ll find in most tunes. The accents are also not at all usual places you would expect in a slip jig. So overall you will probably need a bit more practice to play the tune at speed, but it is definitely worth it.

The chords are more straight forward. So for guitar players and other chord players, once you got the melody line well, you only have to take care to get the accents and rhythm in place. At Irish sessions the tune is often played together with two other popular slip jigs such as The Butterfly and A Fig for a Kiss.

About the origin of The Kid on the Mountain slip jig there is not much known. It is traditional tune, but not clear from which period it origins. The tune is very popular under tin whistle and mandoline players and you can easily find many recordings and tutorials on the internet. This already indicates how popular the tune is.

In the PDF file below you can find the sheet music, chords and notes of The Kid on the Mountain:

The Kid on the Mountain sheet music, chords and notes

There are many beautiful recordings of the tune on YouTube, one of favorites is this recording from Aly Bain , Donal Lunny & Dezi Donnelly, You can hear the melody line clearly so it is a relative easy to play along and practice the tune.

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