Rocky road to dublin

Rocky road to Dublin is an Irish song originating from the 19th century. The lyrics of Rocky road to Dublin is all about a man travelling from Tuam (County Galway) to Liverpool (England) and the difficulties and other things he encounters on his journey. The … Read more

Come on up to the house

Come on up the house is a great gospel song by Tom Waits. The lyrics of come on up to house contain a few nice lines of poetry keeping the listener dangling whether it is meant cynically or as a sincere expression of faith. Tom … Read more

Molly Malone

The Dublines Molly Malone chords and lyrics

Even if you are not into Irish music you will very likely know Molly Malone from The Dubliners. This song, also known as Cockles and Mussels, is always a nice one to sing along. When playing the song on guitar myself, I noticed that the … Read more

Irish Pub Song

sheet music chords and notes for irish pub song high kings

Sheet music, chords and notes for the Irish pub song by The high kings. A lovely uncomplicated song about the Irish pubs you can find all around the world and that look the same and feel the same. All clichés pass by in a … Read more

Wagon Wheel

wagon wheel violin sheet music

Wagon Wheel has been one of biggest hits of the Old Crow Medicine Show. The violin solos in the song are a must play for every violin player that loves Americana string bands. The solos are played in a fiddle style and are full of … Read more

Raggle Taggle Gypsy

raggle taggle gypsy tin whistle sheet music

A traditional folk song about a married lady who runs off from her lord, leaving her wealthy life behind to join the gypsy life.

There is a small instrumental melody line which is played as intro and repeated a few times throughout the song. There … Read more

Galway Girl

Galway girl on tin whistle steve earl

The Galway Girl is a song written by Steve Earle and recorded with Sharon Shannon in 2000. Eight years later a cover of the song by Mundy and Sharon broke all download records in Ireland. It is a real party song and seems like the … Read more


Gallipoli chords lyrics tin whistle notes fureys

The Battle of Gallipoli was one of the Allies great disasters in World War One. The battle started in April 1915 on on the Gallipoli peninsula in the Ottoman Empire. The campaign was thought up by Winston Churchill to end the war early by creating … Read more