Molly Malone

The Dublines Molly Malone chords and lyrics

Even if you are not into Irish music you will very likely know Molly Malone from The Dubliners. This song, also known as Cockles and Mussels, is always a nice one to sing along. When playing the song on guitar myself, I noticed that the … Read more

The Kid On The Mountain

Kid on the Mountain slig jig. Sheet music notes and chords.

Sheet music, chords and notes for The Kid on the Mountain slip jig. The Kid on the Mountain is a popular Irish session tune. It is a bit more work to learn to play it by heart compared to other tunes, since it consists of … Read more

Cooley’s Reel

cooleys reel sheet music for tin whistle chords and notes

Cooley’s reel sheet music. This is absolutely one of my favourite tin whistle tunes. Not only because of the rocking melody line, but also because of the nice chords in the second part of the tune. Though the original tune was composed by an accordeon … Read more

Gravel Walk

gravel walk sheet music chords fiddle

The Gravel Walk sheet music. This reel, also known as The Gravel Walks, is a real traditional tune with Scottish roots. It is difficult to find some information regarding the origin of the tune. Probably the reel originates already from 18th century and was, … Read more

The Musical Priest

the musical priest sheet music tin whistle notes chords fiddle violin

Sheet music for The Musical Priest. A traditional tin whistle tune which became especially known after The Dubliners recorded it on their album Double Dubliners in 1972. The Musical Priest reel is a popular tune at Irish sessions. I heard it myself for the … Read more

Irish Pub Song

sheet music chords and notes for irish pub song high kings

Sheet music, chords and notes for the Irish pub song by The high kings. A lovely uncomplicated song about the Irish pubs you can find all around the world and that look the same and feel the same. All clichés pass by in a … Read more

Tommy’s Tarbukas

tommy's tarbukas sheet music notes alasdair fraser

Tommy’s Tarbukas sheet music. This tune is an absolute must play tune once you have heard it. Though the tune is a reel it doesn’t sound directly like one. This might be due to all accents in the second part of the tune. Another reason … Read more

Trip to Skye

trip to skye sheet music chords composed john whelan sheet music chors

Trip to Skye sheet music. I learned to play the waltz Trip to Skye by John Whelan during an Irish Dancing workshop where we accompanied the dancers with live music together with some session musicians. Being used to mainly playing jigs and reels during sessions … Read more