The Musical Priest

Sheet music for The Musical Priest. A traditional tin whistle tune which became especially known after The Dubliners recorded it on their album Double Dubliners in 1972. The Musical Priest reel is a popular tune at Irish sessions. I heard it myself for the first time at a session and still love it.

The tune is in Bm, which is a less frequently used key compared to other tunes. So this can make it a nice variation when you play it in a set with other reels. In the recording of The Dubliners the tin whistle is played by John Sheahan. For the sheet music I used tin whistle notes and the chords of this recording. Next to the version of the Dubliners there are many more nice recordings of the tune often with fiddle. Just have a look on YouTube and you find many of these.

In the PDF file below you can find The Musical Priest sheet music which includes chords and notes of the tune.

The Musical Priest sheet music, chords and notes

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