Rocky road to dublin

Rocky road to Dublin is an Irish song originating from the 19th century. The lyrics of Rocky road to Dublin is all about a man travelling from Tuam (County Galway) to Liverpool (England) and the difficulties and other things he encounters on his journey. The lyrics were written by D.K. Kavan, also know as “The Galyway Poet” for the English singer Harry Clifton. The song is very popular under musicians that play Irish music and you can easily find many recordings. The version of The High Kings is one of my favorites. They sing it unisono and in very rhythmic and powerful way.

The Rocky Road to Dublin lyrics contain quite a few words and has here and there some tricky timing, so if you want to sing by heart it might take some effort to learn it. However, it is definitely worthwhile. The rhythm is in 9/8 so actually a slip jig. Contrary to the lyrics and the rhythm, the chords are quite easy being only Dm and C.

In the PDF file you can find the Lyrics and Chords for the Rocky road to Dublin. For the recording to sing and play along, I have taken a recording from The High Kings.

Rocky road to Dublin, Lyrics and Chords.

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