Irish Pub Song

Sheet music, chords and notes for the Irish pub song by The high kings. A lovely uncomplicated song about the Irish pubs you can find all around the world and that look the same and feel the same. All clichés pass by in a very enjoyable way. Even the Kesh Jig is not missing…

In the PDF files below you can find the sheet music for for the Irish pub song. The first PDF contains the lyrics and chords and the second PDF the notes and chords of the intro melody and the notes and chords for the Kesh Jig. Note, that the intro melody is also played after the first and second chorus.

The Kesh jig is played after the third chorus and only the first part of the original tune is used. It starts in the key of Dm and then transposes to the original key of G. So, for a D-tin whistle player you will have to wait playing until the tune transposes to the original key. If you have a C-tin whistle you can also play the first part, but you will have to switch tin whistles within half a second.

Irish pub song by The high kings, lyrics and chords
Irish pub song by The high kings, notes and chords for intro and Kesh Jig

To play along check out this studio version of the Irish pub song on YouTube.

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