Galway Girl

Galway girl on tin whistle steve earl

The Galway Girl is a song written by Steve Earle and recorded with Sharon Shannon in 2000. Eight years later a cover of the song by Mundy and Sharon broke all download records in Ireland. It is a real party song and seems like the … Read more

Saddle the Pony

Saddle the pony tin whistle notes chords and sheet music

Saddle the Pony is a lively and easy to play jig to make you happy. Listen and look to this lovely recording and you feel the sun shining through the fog. A funny detail in the recording I chose to illustrate the tune is that … Read more

The Sunset

The sunset sheet music tin whistle notes and chords

This beautiful tune was recorded by Altan on their first album in 1987. On the original recording Frankie Kennedy plays the tune on flute. Unfortunately, Frank passed away in 1994. On this spine-chilling live version it is Ciarán Tourish playing the tin whistle. He normally … Read more


Gallipoli chords lyrics tin whistle notes fureys

The Battle of Gallipoli was one of the Allies great disasters in World War One. The battle started in April 1915 on on the Gallipoli peninsula in the Ottoman Empire. The campaign was thought up by Winston Churchill to end the war early by creating … Read more

Kesh Jig

Kesh Jig tin whistle notes chords

The Kesh Jig is probably one of the most widely played Irish session tunes. It has become famous by the Bothy Band after they recorded it at their first album in 1975. Flute and tin whistle player Matt Molloy plays the song on flute, but … Read more