Nights on Broadway

Nights on Broadway from the Bee Gees is one of the tracks on the Main course album from 1975. In this post you can find the chords and lyrics of this great song. I love this one (as most of the songs of the Bee Gees) for the beautiful polyphonic harmonies. Very special in Nights on Broadway is extremely high voice of Barry Gibb. There is a nice story behind this.

“While recording this, the producer Arif Martin asked if one of the Bee Gees could do some screaming during the main chorus to make the song more exciting. In response, Barry Gibb began singing higher and higher, eventually singing it in a falsetto that was unexpectedly powerful. He had never known he had such an ability and Barry’s falsetto became a trademark of the Bee Gees. Barry Gibb recalled in a May 2001 interview with Mojo magazine: ‘Arif said to me, ‘Can you scream?’ I said, Under certain circumstances. He said, ‘Can you scream in tune?’ I said, Well, I’ll try.”

Another fun fact, mentioned in the Bee Gees documentary How can you mend a broken heart is that original title of the song was Lights on Broadway. However, Arif Martin told them they needed to “Adult it up a bit”. So they did and it became Nights on Broadway.

In the PDF file below you can find the chords and lyrics of Nights on Broadway.

Nights on Broadway, chords and lyrics

As play and sing along recording I took a version from one of the early days. On YouTube you can also find many other great live recordings.

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