The Congress Reel

Sheet music for The Congress Reel. The Congress Reel is a popular tune at Irish sessions. This is one of the not so many tunes where there it is clear who the composer is. In this case it is accordeon player Joe Mills in 1932. This was the year of the eucharistic congress in Dublin, which was one of biggest eucharistic congresses of the 20th century. Another interesting fact is that the congress reel is used in the second Sherlock Holmes movie: A game of shadows. It was played in the fight scene during Watson’s last night of bachelorhood.

The tune is often played in conjunction with Cooley’s Reel, for which you can find the sheet music on my website as well. Interesting story is that Joe Mills als claims to be the composer of this tune.

The Congress Reel sheet music can be found in the PDF file below:
Congress Reel sheet music, chords and notes

A very nice recording of the tune is from the band Poitin, with some virtuoso melody playing by the tin whistle and fiddle player. It goes fast, so probably not so easy to start playing along with, but at least you have some to practice for.

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