Molly Malone

Even if you are not into Irish music you will very likely know Molly Malone from The Dubliners. This song, also known as Cockles and Mussels, is always a nice one to sing along. When playing the song on guitar myself, I noticed that the guitar chords you can find on the usual places on internet are often not how The Dubliners normally play it. So time to find out.

I took two famous recordings from The Dubliners of Molly Malone and checked the guitar chords. It was interesting to find out that they use slightly less straight forward guitar chords then they usually do. I like it and I think I have the right chords now. One recording I used is in key of E and the other is in G. The original of The Dubliners Molly Malone version, which is in E, has in my opinion the most beautiful chord setting.

In the PDF files below you can find as well the version in E as well as G and both files also contain the guitar chords diagrams.

The Dubliners Molly Malone, chords and lyrics in key of E
The Dubliners Molly Malone, chords and lyrics in key of G

The recoding I used for the version of Molly Malone in E, can be found below. Enjoy playing and singing along!

If you are looking for the version in the key of G, check out this version:

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