Lepatriinu Valss

Sheet music low whistle Estbel Lepatriinu valls

Played on a D-low whistle and diatonic accordion. A beautiful waltz composed and played by the Estonian-Flemish duo Estbel. The recording is made at the Boombal festival 2015 in Lovendegem, Belgium. One of the biggest folk dance events in Europe.

In the sheet music I … Read more

Morrison’s Jig

morrison's jig sheet music chords tin whistle bouzouki

Morrison’s jig is a real fun jig to play. Not only on tin whistle, but actually on any instrument. It is standard tune for almost any Irish sessions and often played in combination with Kesh Jig. Though it is a real traditional tune, it … Read more

The Lonesome Boatman

The lonesome boatman tin whistle sheet music finbar furey

Played on the G-low whistle, this is absolutely Finbar Furey at his best! This song was for me the reason to buy my first low whistle. In the sheet music I have written down the basic notes of the melody line.

The intro is more … Read more

Homer’s Reel/The Phrygian Whistle

Sheet music for homer's reel and phrygian whistle

An interesting Irish-Mediterranean crossover. Great recording of two relative unknown reels, played on a D-low whistle.

The name of tune The Phrygian Whistle is coming from the scale it is played in, the phrygian scale. However, what makes it really special is the combination with … Read more

Ballyfin Slide

ballyfin slide tin whistle sheet music notes

If you want to see, hear and feel the heart of Irish music, you definitely have to watch the movie The Chieftains, Live over Ireland, Water from the Well. This recording from the movie, the tune The Ballyfin Slide from Paddy Moloney, has it all. … Read more

Rathlin Island-Sporting Paddy

Sharon Shannon tin whistle rathling island sporting paddy

The Rathlin Island reel and Sporting Paddy reel have become famous by this incredible performance of Sharon Shannon on tin whistle. I think this version of Sharon Shannon is absolutely one of the funkiest ones. Beautiful virtuoso tin whistle playing and what a great band! … Read more

Saddle the Pony

Saddle the pony tin whistle notes chords and sheet music

Saddle the Pony is a lively and easy to play jig to make you happy. Listen and look to this lovely recording and you feel the sun shining through the fog. A funny detail in the recording I chose to illustrate the tune is that … Read more

The Sunset

The sunset sheet music tin whistle notes and chords

This beautiful tune was recorded by Altan on their first album in 1987. On the original recording Frankie Kennedy plays the tune on flute. Unfortunately, Frank passed away in 1994. On this spine-chilling live version it is Ciarán Tourish playing the tin whistle. He normally … Read more

Kesh Jig

Kesh Jig tin whistle notes chords

The Kesh Jig is probably one of the most widely played Irish session tunes. It has become famous by the Bothy Band after they recorded it at their first album in 1975. Flute and tin whistle player Matt Molloy plays the song on flute, but … Read more