The Maid Behind The Bar

The maid behind the bar and Barney Mckenna, the banjo player of the Dubliners, have always been an inseparable couple. The maid always accompanied him in his favourite reels medley during live performances all around the globe. There are many virtuosic recordings and also some very touching ones from about one year before his death in April 2012. The tune is also a popular Irish session tune and should definitely be in your standard session repertoire.

In the sheet music below you can find the notes and chords of the tune.

The Maid Behind The Bar sheet music, notes and chords

Inevitably I have taken a recording Barney Mckenna with Eamonn Campbell on guitar as a great example how this reel can sound. However, it is as good as to play on tin whistle, fiddle or any other instrument. I love her too…

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