Drowsy Maggie

drowsy maggy tin whistle violin sheet music

Sheet music, notes and chords for the reel Drowsy Maggie. A great tune to play on tin whistle. This tune has become known to the greater public from the 3rd class party at the Titanic (the movie), where it is played very virtuoso on violin. … Read more

The Maid Behind The Bar

maid behind the bar sheet music notes and chords tin whistle

The maid behind the bar and Barney Mckenna, the banjo player of the Dubliners, have always been an inseparable couple. The maid always accompanied him in his favourite reels medley during live performances all around the globe. There are many virtuosic recordings and also some … Read more

The Silver Spear

Sheet music for The Silver Spear reel. A tune I like a lot to play on tin whistle. The sheet music which can be downloaded below includes the notes and chords of this popular Irish tune. I took the YouTube recording from the traditional Irish … Read more

Homer’s Reel/The Phrygian Whistle

Sheet music for homer's reel and phrygian whistle

An interesting Irish-Mediterranean crossover. Great recording of two relative unknown reels, played on a D-low whistle.

The name of tune The Phrygian Whistle is coming from the scale it is played in, the phrygian scale. However, what makes it really special is the combination with … Read more

Rathlin Island-Sporting Paddy

Sharon Shannon tin whistle rathling island sporting paddy

The Rathlin Island reel and Sporting Paddy reel have become famous by this incredible performance of Sharon Shannon on tin whistle. I think this version of Sharon Shannon is absolutely one of the funkiest ones. Beautiful virtuoso tin whistle playing and what a great band! … Read more