Banish Misfortune

Sheet music for the jig Banish Misfortune. The tune is what you can call a real traditional, with its origin dating back from the 19th century. Maybe it’s related to the title why Banish Misfortune is popular at Irish sessions. So a great tune to start your session with, or use it as a toast for a good pint of Guinness.

There are some great tin whistle recordings of Banish Misfortune. One of my favourites is definitely the one from The Late Late Show where tin whistle players Paddy Molony from The Chieftains and John Sheehan from The Dubliners meet and play. A fantastic performance. It is also worthwhile to see the short interview. The tune itself starts at 2 minutes. Just look, listen and enjoy!

The Banish Misfortune sheet music, chords and notes can be found below. For the folks only playing chords, this an easy one, since it only consists of two chords being D and C. So sit back relax and go with the flow.

Banish Misfortune sheet music, chords and notes

The fantastic recording with the two tin whistles can be watched here:

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