Trip to Skye

Trip to Skye sheet music. I learned to play the waltz Trip to Skye by John Whelan during an Irish Dancing workshop where we accompanied the dancers with live music together with some session musicians. Being used to mainly playing jigs and reels during sessions we were suddenly asked to play a waltz. Someone proposed to play Trip to Skye. I’m a big fan of John Whelan’s music, but surprisingly I didn’t know this tune.

However, what I did know was the Isle of Skye. I’m a big fan of Talisker, my favorite single malt whiskey, which it is distilled on this island. So a tune composed by John Whelan with a hint of a peaty and smokey whisky should be the perfect match. And indeed after a few rounds of playing we all got the tune and I loved it. I knew right then that I wanted to put the tune and sheet music on my website. So, here it is.

In the PDF file below you can find the sheet music, chords and notes of Trip to Skye:

Trip to Skye sheet music, chords and notes – Bm (original)

As recording I have taken the original version of John Whelan with Eileen Ivers on violin. It is so beautiful…

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