Irish Pub Song

sheet music chords and notes for irish pub song high kings

Sheet music, chords and notes for the Irish pub song by The high kings. A lovely uncomplicated song about the Irish pubs you can find all around the world and that look the same and feel the same. All clichés pass by in a … Read more

Tommy’s Tarbukas

tommy's tarbukas sheet music notes alasdair fraser

Tommy’s Tarbukas sheet music. This tune is an absolute must play tune once you have heard it. Though the tune is a reel it doesn’t sound directly like one. This might be due to all accents in the second part of the tune. Another reason … Read more

Trip to Skye

trip to skye sheet music chords composed john whelan sheet music chors

Trip to Skye sheet music. I learned to play the waltz Trip to Skye by John Whelan during an Irish Dancing workshop where we accompanied the dancers with live music together with some session musicians. Being used to mainly playing jigs and reels during sessions … Read more

Banish Misfortune

banish misfortune sheet music notes and chords tin whistle with paddy molony

Sheet music for the jig Banish Misfortune. The tune is what you can call a real traditional, with its origin dating back from the 19th century. Maybe it’s related to the title why Banish Misfortune is popular at Irish sessions. So a great tune to … Read more

St Anne’s Reel

st anne's reel chords notes sheetmusic for guitar tin whistle mandoline fiddle

St Anne’s Reel is a popular Irish session tune especially under fiddle and guitar players, but is also perfectly suited to play on tin whistle, mandolin or any other instrument. There is not much known about the origin of this reel, but next to being … Read more

The Lilting Banshee

Lilting Banshee sheet music notes and chords for tin whistle and mondoline

The jig The Lilting Banshee is a popular Irish session tune. Though I already play this tune for a while, I actually had no clue what Lilting Banshee is or means. So I did some googling to find out.

So I learned that lilting is … Read more

Wagon Wheel

wagon wheel violin sheet music

Wagon Wheel has been one of biggest hits of the Old Crow Medicine Show. The violin solos in the song are a must play for every violin player that loves Americana string bands. The solos are played in a fiddle style and are full of … Read more

Drowsy Maggie

drowsy maggy tin whistle violin sheet music

Sheet music, notes and chords for the reel Drowsy Maggie. A great tune to play on tin whistle. This tune has become known to the greater public from the 3rd class party at the Titanic (the movie), where it is played very virtuoso on violin. … Read more

A Fig For A Kiss

Sheet music notes chords fig for a kiss tin whistle

Sheet music, notes and chords for A Fig For A Kiss, a traditional Irish slip jig. It is a favourite tune for many tin whistle, flute and violin players and of course, as with almost any slip jig, very popular amongst harp players. The … Read more